Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Links and Such

This trip has shown me many things. I got the chance to meet some incredible people who are doing some incredible work. I think it's amazing that at every stop along the way there were people who were trying to make a difference and meeting with their Representatives and Senators. If a nine-year-old, a busy mother of two, a full-time mover-and-shaker and a retired grandmother can sit down with their member of Congress and make the world better, what's stopping you?

Links to some of the organizations we worked with and some of our media coverage are provided below. Let me know if there are more and I will add them! If you want more information on the tour or how to get involved, please email me at mpeterson@globalaidsalliance.org.

Thanks for reading!

Treatment Action Campaign
Global AIDS Alliance
Student Global AIDS Campaign
Straight Talk with Manning Kimmel
The Dartmouth
Voices of America
Catabwa Cares Coalition
Vermont CARES